My heart is heavy.  My mind is heavy.  I’m not drinking, but it’s hard.

I work in a field/position that has been directly affected by the school shooting in Connecticut.  I was at a conference most of the weekend – it was good, but demanding.  My car was broken in to.  Everything is okay, but it’s hard to sit in the driver’s seat and know that some meth-head took some of my stuff and knows my name and address.

I’m okay.  I’m calm.  I’m hurting for myself and for others.  It’s just a heavy time.

13 minus 1

**note – this post was originally made from my mobile – so I had to fix it on laptop mode when I realize the formatting was a bit wonky!

Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement the other day. I’m so glad that I reached out and expressed how I was feeling rather than trying to go it alone. That made a huge difference in my state of mind and my decision-making. Thank you to everyone for the support that you offered me this week, reaching out and letting others know what I was thinking and feeling was one of the best choices I could’ve made.

I’m good.  Not drinking alcohol.  I was too tired to post or read yesterday.  I’m Going to dinner with friends tonight, I will be sure to order an ice tea right away before I’m even tempted to order a drink.

I don’t think anyone will be drinking because we all have to get up early for a conference the next morning.