For the past two nights I have slept well.  It’s a relief.  Thankfully, and fingers still crossed, I’ve fallen asleep fairly easily and stayed asleep.  In contrast, during most of Oct. and Nov., I was waking up throughout the night and having wild and scary dreams.  I’ve still had some odd dreams, but I wake up thinking how curious they were.  The other night I dreamed that I was on a large boat and all kinds of animals were coming to the surface for me to pet them, even elephants.  Who knew elephants could swim?

I thought about drinking sometime around noon today.  But then I just kept working, had a snack, ate my lunch, picked up some amazing food from a middle eastern place and went home.  I think doubling up on the vitamins has been a big help.  I still haven’t gone to the grocery store, I really feel like I should avoid it.  I’d rather make do with the food I have on hand than risk buying wine.  Maybe I should move to a state that upholds separation of grocery and booze.

That’s it for today.  Easy does it and keep going.


5 thoughts on “sleep

  1. AAugust: So Glad to hear, you are sleeping better-good idea on the vits (I will follow suit tomorrow-trying anything I can!) I always thought the some states do the separation were…backwards : ) Now I love the idea ( I had forgotten all about it)

    • Hey Kat – this weekend i have to go to the grocery store no matter what! I will have a list prepared, avoid the alcohol isle, and maybe even come prepared with some kind of yummy coffee drink to take my mind away from the thoughts of how the wine would taste if I bought it.

      • Like it!!! Good idea & Best of Luck those wine lanes are so appealing (to me!) especially during the holiday.

  2. Sleeping well is one of the major benefits of not drinking. It’s like i pass out (but sober) and don’t wake until the morning. Bliss. Life is so much better with a good night’s sleep and no poison in one’s system. You are awesome and you are kicking Version 2.0! Hugs xoxo

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