random dream on day 2

Oh, I also meant to write a little something about the insanely wierd dream I had last night.  Technically it was on day 1 but I think it was meant for reflection on day 2.

To give the short version, my sister was getting married to her husband who she’s been married to for 12 years.  I kept asking why they were getting married again but everyone was acting like it was the first time.  We were at a huge reception and there was booze everywhere.  I didn’t drink in the dream but I did tell my sister I would drink for her wedding and just start again tomorrow.

The other part of the dream was that I was eating this really good chocolate and I started to taste something wrong with it.  I spit it out and it was full of peanuts which were not in it when I ate it.  In real life, I’m allergic to peanuts!  Everyone was asking me if I would be okay and I said, “I only ate one.  I think I’ll be fine.”

Connections???  I think so!


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