I have an announcement

I’m going to choose a quit date.  I’m ready to try again.  I’m sick of being hot, having acid reflux, being afraid to be with all my thoughts and feelings each evening and I’m sick of drinking alcohol.  I’m even more convinced that I don’t need it and that life will be just fine without it.

I’m working on a quit date that makes sense for me and also leads to a reward.  I have to do a little more work to plan this reward, but I can’t wait to write about it and to begin posting again every day.  I look forward to being able to better support others (beyond just clicking the “like” button) and to know that I will recieve support and encouragement from all of you out there in the sobersphere.

I’m going to choose a quit date.  I’m going to share it with all of you.  I’m ready to try again.


7 thoughts on “I have an announcement

  1. Hello! Congratulations on making that decision. I hear you. I am currently struggling myself to recommit to being AF so perhaps we can cheer each other on? Likewise to you too, ABM39.


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