Written just for me…

I think we’ve all had the experience of reading someone’s blog and feeling that a certain post was written just for us.  Sometimes, for me, it’s because I relate personally to the post or the writer and sometimes it’s because I feel like the writer has given advice directly to me.  Today I was reading through this post and the last paragraph was written just for me:

“When that moment comes along where you know you’ve had as much fun as you’re gonna have and that drinking is more or less sucking the life out of you, sometimes you just have to take that gift and figure out what to do with it later. You will.”

This is where I am right now.  It’s not fun to drink anymore because I can’t seem to drink normally.  I have identified that drinking is a problem for me.  I’m taking first steps towards trying to bravely address and get support but I also know that I have not figured it out completely.  I understand that the desire to stop drinking begins to address the problem but does not fix it.  I believe that I will overcome this, but right now, it seems like short term plans and goals are more practical than trying to commit to forever.



5 thoughts on “Written just for me…

  1. Forever is a mighty long time. I couldn’t get my head around never again then and it’s still not helpful to think that way. What I should have stressed maybe is once you stop drinking and work a recovery program (whatever that looks like for you), the more things change in a way that makes everything better.

    That recognition that drinking no longer is fun, though, is key and not everyone gets it and it makes me feel happy for you that you have it.

  2. You are here writing which in its itself is huge. I still have not committed to “forever” . For me the commitment is for a year. However my hope and belief is that after a year I pretty much only see benefits of not drinking and that then becomes forever. or maybe it will continue to be a year by year commitment. In the end I suppose it can never be anything but a day by day one though.

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