went to a meeting

In attempts to turn my day around I went to the gym.  Got a new power cord so I can use my computer again (the ipad is great, but its new and I’m faster on my computer).  Picked up some dinner.  Picked up some ice cream.

Came home and participated in an online SMART recovery meeting (it was text chat style).  It was good, I didn’t say much but got to observe how someone can talk about a problem and others will help in specific ways according to a smart recovery tool.  In my profession we often use a protocol called Critical Friends and it was kind of like that.  Overall, it was helpful.  It was also 90 minutes and that took up a chunk of the evening.  Perhaps this can be a replacement behavior for me.  Something to do when I would have been drinking.  I will check it out again tomorrow and hope to build up the courage to attend a meeting someday.


One thought on “went to a meeting

  1. Yeah, I wonder about having the courage to attend a meeting someday. Maybe I will. I am definitely scared, and for now don’t think I need it .. but then .. I wonder .. am I missing out on something wonderful? Why don’t I give it a go? What is this online SMART recovery meeting you speak of? I have heard of smart recovery and think it sounds good I think. Hang in there girl… you are doing great. Just keep being honest and open and robust in your relationship with alcohol. Take care xxx

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