Day 29 – Hump day

I’m not sure what the phrase is in other countries, but in the U.S. when it is Wednesday, we call it “hump day”.  It rarely comes out of my mouth because it can be kind of work-place annoying, but as I started thinking about my post for today, it was at the front of the line of thoughts even though I was going to post some reflections on the book “Kick the drink…Easily!” by Jason Vale.

Anyway, hump day is in the middle of the week and if you can get through it you only have 2 more days until the weekend (if you work a traditional schedule).  I can definitely say that Day 15 was not my personal hump day, it was still too emotional and confusing then.  The conflict, doubt, happiness, etc that has been somewhat up and down has evened out over the past few days.  I know I can easily get through these next 2 days to accomplish my August goal.  Then, on Saturday, I am going to give myself a day to simmer and reflect.  I’m going to go to a favorite coffee shop, read through my past posts, and take a step back and just observe this past month with some intentional retrospection.  I’ll make some decisions and plans for September, but I will keep an open mind and be willing to be flexible while also thinking about the areas that I should not be flexible.

This is from the first page that I turned down in the Jason Vale book.  Its a bit more than halfway through, which is when the messages began to sink in and seem more true for me.  I’ll leave myself (and you) to simply think about it and am curious to hear what it means to each of us, if anything:

The good news is that when you stop drinking you begin to write your own script and control who you are.  You do not have to go through a storm of any kind, contrary to the brainwashing.  There is a door in the sky that releases you to a whole new world and the key is in your own head; you are the master of your own show.  The only thing that is stopping you is fear.”


One thought on “Day 29 – Hump day

  1. and isn’t it amazing to be the master of your own show? you’re doing it already, of course… you took control on August 1st 🙂 you’re a deep thinker and i’ll be interested to see what you write on the weekend after your review. because i will be away beginning tomorrow, let me say “happy day #30” to you now! you are awesome. very well done!

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