Day 24 – another screaming dream

This is what I wrote on Aug. 24:  I was feeling a little down but mostly tired.

there will be a better post tomorrow.  I’m soooo tired today!  But its just from normal stuff like not getting quite enough sleep this week and having 2 long work days in a row.  At least I don’t have anything to feel guilty about!  And no hangovers to worry about tomorrow!

Day 24 – Part Two

I’m writing my Day 24 post here because last night (Friday) I had another screaming dream and another recurring dream that I often have.

Dream 1:  I don’t remember alot of details but I think we were driving down a road near my sister’s house and I was screaming at Sister A.  In real life she often uses the term “sensed” as in, “I could sense that my co-worker was annoyed with me so I made a joke about potty training but I sensed she didn’t think it was funny.”  I actually think this is just a bullshit way of her removing herself from the situation and projecting her feelings onto the other person.  It pisses me off when she says it to me.  So, in the dream I was screaming at her about it and really telling her what I thought of her, but all while screaming like a maniac.  The things I screamed in the dream are the things I actually think in real life.  *This is one of my recurring dreams, that I’m screaming at someone and they are not listening or there is some kind of emergency and no one will do what I say.

Dream 2:  I was in a school (I used to be a teacher) and I was helping another teacher with her class.  She thought I was a student teacher but I was trying to tell her that I was a real teacher, I was just there to help her.  Then some parents came in and started yelling at her and fighting with her.  I had to get all the young children into another room and I had to lock the door so no one would hurt the children.  Then I somehow ran outside and told a young man to run and get the security officer and call the police.  He had to jump a fence and run across a field to do so.  Then I went back in and was locking all these doors and calmly encouraging the children to play but could hear the fighting outside.  *The more common variation of this dream is that I’m with my class and they are going wild and won’t listen but I don’t scream at them, I stay very calm and keep giving directions.  Sometimes it is a field trip situation and there are parents there who also won’t listen.

Oh goodness, I can only laugh at these dreams.  They are so obviously linked to anxiety!  But what else?  Sometimes my “teacher” dreams are about protecting the children but more often it’s that something chaotic is going on and I’m trying to remain calm and get the situation under control.  In the “screaming” dreams something is usually wrong and I’m yelling at everyone what we should do but they don’t listen.  Sometimes I’m just yelling at someone (usually a family member) but nothing is wrong.  Both dreams also have an issue with being heard, feeling like I’m right but no one is listening, staying calm in one while completely losing it in another.

My fellow novice-psycho-analysts…time to analyze!


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