Day 20 – Re-evaluating

I looked back at the Days 10-20 goals I outlined for myself.  I was able to maintain all of them.  I made sure that I was meeting my physical needs because those are easily controllable but can also set you off-kilter if you don’t pay attention to them.  I took care of myself emotionally and although a couple of difficult situations came up, I was able to remain aware of myself and/or the situation so I didn’t get sucked into anything that could potentially set me off-course.  I probably stayed in a little more than I should have, but once I got home everyday I felt to relieved and safe.  Several times I caught myself closing my front door, automatically hanging up my keys and saying, “Made it” as I let out a sigh of relief.  I knew that once I was in, alcohol was out of the question and it was time to settle into my new evening pursuits.

I’ve been able to not eat everything in site and I’ve noticed that my appetite and hunger has diminished.  I still find myself pretty thirsty at times and make sure to drink a glass of water before I go for juice or bubbly drinks.  I’ve continued posting every day, reading others’ blogs, and made time to find a few more to add to my blogroll and check regularly.  I did not do any searching for local groups.  But I do want to do a new search on (that’s popular in my densely populated region) and see if I can begin to cultivate a new active hobby, especially since I love to be outdoors in fall.  I’d like to take up kayaking or drive out to hiking areas that have waterfalls and spend the day there!

Goals for Days 20-30: (as written to myself)

– Don’t drink alcohol

– No caffeine after 4:00

– Exercise more, over 10 days at least 6 should include real cardio exercise

– Write a post every day, read others’ blogs every day

– Read the books that arrived today; “Unwasted” by Sacha Scoblie and “Lit” by Mary Karr.  (Caveat – mercilessly abandon these books if they romanticize drinking or make me feel like drinking)

– Finish the Jason Vale book and write at least 2 posts about it

– Seek out more outings with friends, don’t be afraid to “go out” but don’t go out for no reason (like meeting up for happy hour because your friend has had a rough week and says she needs to get “very drunk”) but offer other suggestions so you can see your friends b/c you live in a huge city and there’s always shit to do so don’t act like drinking is the only thing worth while.  Do not try to convert friends.  Do not talk about the not-drinking journey – you are not ready to go public yet and your friends are not ready to hear it.  Do not ask people if they notice anything different about you because you did that today and it went horribly wrong (I commented to friend how good my eyes look because there are no bags and she looked at my face then remained quiet…dang!)
**Only do these rants in your head or on your blog.  The public world is not ready for your rants.

– Eat healthier and eat a healthy dinner.  Snacks are snacks, not meals.

– Don’t perseverate on what will happen on Day 31, just get to Day 30.  Relax into all the good things that have come from not-drinking but be watchful and don’t relax your goals.


3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Re-evaluating

  1. “you live in a huge city and there’s always shit to do so don’t act like drinking is the only thing worth while.”
    Brilliant! I’ve missed out on so many things because my only interest used to be sitting in pubs or bars.
    Love where you’re at and a big cheer from me for your 20 days! xo

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