Day 19 – Time to let out a bit of creativity

I have about 20 or so bottle caps that I have been saving from my new special evening drink.  I knew I wanted something special to have in the evenings and I had it in mind to look for a ginger drink because I’ve had them before and they don’t quite taste like anything else I drink on a regular basis.  Lo and behold, when I went for my first non-alcoholic drinks shopping trip, I found Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew.  I think it goes through an actual brewing process, so there’s that little bite to it along with the ginger flavor.  And, ginger is super good for you, so I gave it a try.

 It comes in a glass bottle and has these nice aluminum caps.  The first night, as I twisted off the cap to my new non-alcoholic drink, I just felt like I had to save it.  I put in on my fridge on top of a magnet.  Each following evening, I did the same thing.  Today I noticed that my fridge looked a little crazy with all these red caps all over it.  I gathered all the caps, used a hammer and awl, put a little hole in each one and used clear wire to string them together.                                 Each cap literally represents a bottle of wine (or more) that would have been consumed that day.  I look at those lovely little caps now hanging in my doorway and I imagine 19 bottles of wine hanging in their place.  I think about how big and cumbersome they would look, how much space they take up, how much noise they make when I take out the recycling and how guilty I felt when I looked at the bottle in the morning.  These caps have an artistic quality to them, they are almost delicate, they are pretty, they made a nice little tinkling sound as I hung them up.  I don’t have to hide them or lie about them.  I’m not ashamed of them.

I’ll keep saving them.  I guess I’ve invented my own little chip system.  Maybe I’ll make other things out of them and send them around the world to our not-drinking blogosphere community.  Maybe I’ll put one in my bag or pocket for an away-from-home reminder of all that I’ve accomplished so far.  Maybe, one day, I’ll use them as a story prop and tell the story of how I stopped drinking.  Right now, I’m just proud to have something hopeful to post and think about.  I’m looking forward to Day 20.


5 thoughts on “Day 19 – Time to let out a bit of creativity

  1. That’s a really creative idea! And what a great reminder, very symbolic of your positive choices and a hell of a lot of money and regret spared. Great post!

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