Day 18 – Can anyone spare 180$

Hey does anyone out there have $180 dollars laying around that they could loan me?

Oh wait….I do!!!  Not drinking is making my bank balance go up a bit!  These are my low-ball estimates of how much drinking costs me.  In reality, it costs much more than this, but I created a simple equation just now.

1 bottle of wine = 10$  So, if I round down and say that I was drinking 1 bottle of wine per day (but it was often more) at home, on my own,  I can say that drinking costs me a minimum of 10$ per day.

1 day = 10$ X 18 days = 180$   Today I am 180$ richer for not drinking.  I could stretch that pretty far since I like good bargain.

In reality, drinking more likely costs me 15$ per day and more when I drink at a bar or restaurant.

1 day = 15$ X 18 days = 270$  Wow, so in 18 days I’ve spared myself close to 300$.  I would much rather this money go to my bank than to the corner store.


4 thoughts on “Day 18 – Can anyone spare 180$

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to weigh up all the benefits of not drinking. You’re doing so well, I’m inspired by your honesty and reflection. I’ve woken up to a beautiful day 19 and hope you do too xo

  2. hello. i have just begun following your post (and many others) and have just set up my first blog in an attempt to also stop drinking. I added up how much (average) I think i spend a month and it’s close to $150-$170 a month. Unreal. I’m beginning my journey tomorrow and hope to gain support from the blogging community.

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