Day 16 – Have a laugh

Thank you Universe for giving me a better day today and sending me people and circumstances that helped me through.

I think I’ve been talking to myself waaaay to much lately.  Seriously, whole conversations with dialogue for the other imaginary participants as well.  I’m going to take a little break this evening and let my whole mind clear out.  Going to make a few phone calls to catch up with loved ones and watch some trashy tv shows.

In the meantime, I love listening to live comedy on Pandora.  I heard this the other day and thought it was quite relevant to the not-drinking community.  FacingFactsAboutMyself (see blogroll to the right) also posted some funny not-drinking humor on his site, so maybe a little tradition is starting to take off…much like the Jason Vale book cult club that seems to be growing among our blogs.  It’s a good laugh…the comedian needs to work a bit on his continuity, but it will do!


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