Day 12 – What’s the plan?

Day 12 already and my next goal is to get to Day 20.

What’s worked so far has been to have plenty of food and drinks on hand so that I can quickly address any cravings I have, blogging every day and reading blogs every day.  I’ve also found it very motivating to post comments and respond to comments.  I’ve received such wonderful support from the non-drinking blogmunity and I want to do whatever I can to support others, even if its just to click the “like” button on their post.  I’ve read two books (Drinking, A Love Story by Caroline Knapp and Kick the Drink Easily by Jason Vale) and those have helped too.  I think I need to order a few more, I just want to make sure I don’t read books/blogs that romanticize drinking.  I’ve exercised a bit and gone to the pool a few times.  Generally, I tried not to expect too much of myself and just go to work, watch out for my moods/emotions, and not drink even when I wanted to.  I also mentioned to a couple of people that I’m not drinking or that I’m taking a break, trying to lose weight, etc.

Now, I think its time to focus a little bit more.  There is still a part of me that asks, “Can you tell me again why I’m not drinking?”  I have to wonder if it might be because I live by myself and there is no one “monitoring” me on a daily basis.  I’m not getting any feedback from anyone about these changes that are happening for me.  Yesterday I spent some time with a close friend and I found myself hoping for some kind of compliment that would indicate she noticed something different about me but couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  Something like, “You look refreshed” or, “Have you lost weight?” would have secretly affirmed my efforts.  I’ve read enough blogs about others’ experiences to realize that there are pros and cons to doing this with a partner/family in the house as well as solo.  The fact is, in Real Life, I’m a person who is doing it solo and that’s the information I need to use as I frame this whole experience.

Goals up to Day 20:

– Continue vitamins, 8 hours of sleep, and carbonated drinks in the evening

– Watch moods, emotions, and stress so that they don’t turn into triggers

– Write a post every day and keep up related blogmunity/book reading practices 🙂

– Slow down with food (I’ve been eating whatever I want because I figure the extra 1,000 or so calories I was consuming from alcohol can’t possibly be as bad as ice cream, but its time to reign that in too or I’ll never lose an ounce plus I’ll condition myself to leave one bad habit by learning a new one and that’s not really the point of this).

– Consider joining some kind of non-drinking group, either activity based or support type group.  First steps are to do a little research and see what’s out there locally (and find the trail to it’s origins so I don’t accidentally join a cult).

– Do a good job at work and don’t let work stress me out

– Don’t drink alcohol


2 thoughts on “Day 12 – What’s the plan?

  1. i love your goals, very thoughtful, not trying to overdo it, not reinventing the wheel. i’ve tried fishing for compliments several times from my husband … “do i seem different now that i’m not drinking?” and he always no, i’m the same. The same? how can i be the same when this quitting thing is taking all of my concentration and effort? but i know him, he also doesn’t want to get into hot water if i were to start up with the wine again tomorrow. it also means, ultimately, that i didn’t quit *for* him, or to please him. i did it for me, just like you’re doing it for you 🙂

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