Day 11 – Chugging along

Come on little engine…toot, toot…keep moving along that track!  Yes, your load is heavy but you are on the track and there’s no use going back to the train yard because all the other engines will see you couldn’t do it.  And think, all you have to do is chug along.  You don’t have to chart the course, you don’t have to lay the ties and hammer the spikes – that has all been done by others.  Just stay on the rails and keep chugging along!


4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Chugging along

    • Hey bhm, yes, that’s my quirky sense of humor coming through. And I think about how this whole not drinking thing is not rocket science – every piece of information and support we need is out there, its more so an issue of accessing it and applying it. Easier said than done!

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