Day 6 – Little things I’ve noticed

Wow, I made it through another day.  I was in training today (see post “Day 1 – Why I Chose August”) in to put it mildly, it was exhausting and I’m going to have an uncomfortably packed week/month.  But, I was so grateful for the comments I received today because I can check them on my phone and they really lifted my spirits and made me think about what  I might write about tonight.  And if I’m writing this post at 9:00pm then that means I’m not drinking!

I’ve noticed a few little things up to Day 6.  I’m not as hot as I usually am, I’ve even turned the air conditioning up a degree and set the blower a bit lower.  My chin was always breaking out over the past year and it seems to be clearing up.  I did not break out into a sweat this morning while I was getting ready, which I usually do, like menopausal sweats!  I’m getting headaches in the afternoon and late evening, but they’re not that bad and any cravings I’ve had have been manageable.  I have trouble falling asleep because I can’t turn my thoughts “off”, but I actually remember that was one of the things I liked about drinking…my thoughts just went away and I could fall asleep (or pass out) without any problem.

I look forward to things getting better.  I feel better after I write a post.  I look forward to a time when I can tell people, “I don’t drink” and have enough sober days/experience to prove it.  I wonder if I might want to look into seeing a counselor with an alcohol-specific expertise.  I wonder what else I might be able to come to terms with and figure out through this process.  I wonder when not drinking will be a choice that I am proud of and comfortable with.   Right now it’s still a choice I have alot of fear about…I stopped drinking because I was scared of what I was doing to myself, I started this blog because I was scared I wouldn’t stick to it otherwise, I’m scared to talk about this choice with friends/family and I’m terrified that I might not be able to stick to it.


2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Little things I’ve noticed

  1. “I look forward to things getting better”: It sounds like things are better already 🙂 Clearer skin, less sweats, cooler body temp. Good stuff! Your body’s getting rid of the crap. You’re doing things that make you feel better like reading, writing and crying (i never underestimate the cleansing power of a good cry). Every day you choose not to drink, you can say with honesty, ‘i don’t drink’.
    Welcome to day 7 x

  2. I’m glad you feel better after you write a post, because I like reading your posts 🙂 the crappy feelings that start around 4 pm were solved (for me) with fruit juice mixed with tonic water. then later I progressed to cheese and crackers (for protein). but at first, my body was really missing the sugar that alcohol provides … happy to hear you’re doing well.

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