Day 4 – Do I have to go to bed?

There’s this little part of me that doesn’t want to go to bed.  I don’t want the day to end.  I’m tired, I’m physically and cognitively done with today.  But the thing is, I made it through today without drinking and now I have to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow?  If today never ended then I would forever remain in sobriety.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Do I have to go to bed?

  1. For some reason was not getting your updates. Just seen them now and enjoying your writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – which so often seem like my own! Especially all the medical stuff. Cleo xx

  2. I still feel this way sometimes. I take care of it by brewing one big cup of decaf coffee with coconut milk, letting that cool while I take a super hot shower, and then reading in bed with the coffee. Super relaxing.

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