Day 2 – On the way home

I made it to the gym this evening. As I was driving home I passed one of the stores I frequent for wine (and you know how we have several so as not to buy too much at any one place). Without really thinking about it, I looked straight ahead, kept one hand on the wheel and flipped the store the bird with the other. Then I burst out laughing at how ridiculous that was. But it was a good feeling to know that I would not be stopping in and was heading home to shower and enjoy some of the goodies I stocked up on in place of alcohol.

When I made it home I was wondering why that felt like an accomplishment. In the more recent past, when I have gone without drinking for 2 days it’s usually because I was hungover one day and the next day I needed to prove that I didn’t have to drink every day. But in the back of my head I knew I could drink again. This time, I’m not giving myself that option. In August there is no 2 days off, 3-5 days on. There’s 31 days off and that is the non-negotiable goal.


5 thoughts on “Day 2 – On the way home

  1. Hello. I’m going to be routing for you! You can do this! Think of how great you’ll feel every morning in August. I’ve only been sober for 17 days now. Had a couple of tough ones but it’s worth it in the mornings!
    I’ll stay sober with you for August! Let’s do this!

    • Thank you Jen, I can’t even explain the feeling I get from your comment and those like it. It’s like when someone really important in my real life looks at me lovingly and says, “I’m so proud of you.” It’s a feeling that gives me a sensation right where the solar plexus is. BUT WE DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER!! That’s the most amazing part, we are strangers but we don’t care because we have a common goal and the humanity in each of us wants to see the other succeed. It blows my mind and I love it.

  2. i like this. it’s like you’re saying “stick it where the sun don’t shine” to the booze. well that may be a completely north american saying, but anyway! this time it IS different. you’re reaching out for support and ideas and you’re reading other people’s experiences. how could it NOT be different 🙂 you’re doing things differently (better), and you get different (better) results! rock-on.

    • yes, now when I hear songs that have a “stick it where the sun don’t shine” feel to them, I think of alcohol and how we need to rebel against it – like a boyfriend I’m fed up with and no matter what he says or does, I am done with him and don’t feel an ounce of regret over it. In fact, the more he tries to reason himself back in, the more I want to kick him to the curb. ha!

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