Day 1 – Abstaining in August

I am not drinking alcohol for the month of August.

I don’t know what it will be like and I’m not completely sure that I can do it. But that is the goal and the hope. My drinking is a problem for me. It is dysfunctional. It is avoidance of all the feelings that I haven’t wanted to feel for the past 6 years. It was a problem before then, but its a big problem now. At this point, I think its just a really really bad habit and not a medical/chemical dependency. I’ve quit for short periods before, but my hope is that after Abstaining in August I will move into a Sober September.

I’m ready to try. For the last month I’ve been reading other blogs and they have been immensely helpful and they are what motivated me to give it a real try myself. I know I have issues with accountability, so I will blog every day for 31 days and I will tell the truth. I don’t need any critics right now, I just need support and strategies to get through this. I’m 34 and I have SO much potential that I know I am wasting by drinking every night. I feel a huge shift happening inside of me and I am so scared that I will block it out and won’t listen to it. And then I won’t be able to create the changes that I know are necessary at this point in my life.
So, please join me this August 2012.  Let me know your story, your strategies, your inspiration and whatever else you think might benefit me and US as a non-drinking blogging community.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Abstaining in August

  1. Welcome to abstaining in august (good title!). I think you’re doing a couple of things that will help you in the long run … (1) you’re reaching out for help and advice and support, (2) you’re writing honestly what’s going on, and (3) you’re beginning. There are lots of reasons to do a month without alcohol, some reasons will only become clear as you go through it. but you know enough to start, and you’re willing to see where it takes you.

    My advice would be: get through the month any way you can 🙂 if necessary, you can cry, sleep, take a bath, clean house, get exercise, write, read, drink tonic water, and then repeat with cry, sleep, take a bath! some days will be joyously easy, others will suck rocks. Totally normal! I’m on day 32 today, but there are lots of other bloggers who you’ve blogrolled who have many more days than i have, and who will/can offer lots of tips as you go along.

    so for now, just ‘go along’, do your thing, be fearless. if your drinking is dysfunctional, then now’s the time to figure some stuff out. Hugs from the cyberworld. There is lots of support for you here.

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